What's the difference between classroom lights and blackboard lights?

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Classroom lamp, to today still have a lot of people call it "energy-saving lamp", but the person of illume bound knows already call is "eye protection lamp". Is this just a name change? Obviously not. These are two very different eras.

Often, campus lighting needs to be equipped with classroom lights and blackboard lights, so the blackboard lights are not the classroom lights, classroom lights and blackboard lights what is the difference?

Classroom lights do include blackboard lights in a broad sense, but in the campus lighting design, classroom lights only refer to the lamps that are responsible for illuminating students' desks and lecterns, excluding blackboard lights, because the lighting of the blackboard requires another kind of lamps to be specifically responsible for lighting.


Classroom lights are common educational lighting LED flat lamp, lampshade has grille anti-dazzle type, also has microrhombus anti-dazzle type, large luminous area, uniform and symmetrical illumination.

Why use a blackboard light with asymmetrical light distribution?

Because the blackboard lamp can't vertical centered location on the blackboard, can only from the top of the blackboard, and in order to ensure the high intensity of illumination uniformity of the blackboard, so can only be used with asymmetric light distribution characteristics of blackboard lamp, controls according to that part of the lamp near the blackboard the blackboard and away from the blackboard light intensity of illumination is the same as the part of the blackboard.

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