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Taiwan junior high school students invented the LED zebra line pick the British invention award gold medal

To sympathize with the elderly, visually impaired and is fond of walking and sliding phone "bow family, Taichung City Ming junior middle school students Dunleavy invention led zebra crossing, greatly improving safety.

"Led the zebra in this year British invention show took the gold medal Dunleavy, the road zebra crossing into LED device, in addition to a traffic light display and will with the reciprocal of the acceleration, for passers-by, will be more convenient.

The invention is mainly to pedestrians to cross the road is safer, especially for people with physical disabilities, will feel very convenient; the device, not only let the pedestrians can be more clear signal, also can let was about to cross the road to see more clearly, Dunleavy said.

Dunleavy pointed out that "led the zebra crossing" in addition to the LED lights display, pedestrians waiting on the road at the same time, music acoustic cues, so that visually impaired pedestrians crossing the road more secure in the sense of, now works pending patent, I hope this invention can pass around the world, so that more people benefit.

In addition, Dunleavy also landed on the Chinese mainland was rammed "young Edison" draft stage and stand out in the fierce competition in the preliminaries, 21 final, once the final award, will have the opportunity to went to the south, Arctic scientific expedition travel station.